Thursday, 26 February 2009

Modelling props: Bucket

I have now decided to model a bucket, this was suprisingly harder than I thought It was going to be, but I got there in the end and am very happy with the results.

Progress on bucket................

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Prop Modelling: a wagon

Well me and Harvey had a chat and he could see I was getting a little tired of modelling buildings, So I have changed my direction slightly and gone back to props as I cant start any animation yet until the rigs are finished. I love the way my wagon has come out, I feel it is stylised to the look of our film, and will compliment it perfectly. If I was to make the model again I would increase the detail, but because It is such a fast paced film, it would be a waist of time to make it too detailed as it would be lost on the viewer.

My progression in making a wagon...................

Experimenting (leave it to the professionals Kanika!!!)

I spent a little time trying to master the program that is photoshop. I decided to look at trying to adapt the texture of a playing card, as we have a scene with cards in. I wanted to make it look alot older and more authentic.

I took an image from the Internet and tried to make it look older. I tried using the burn tool, it didn't really work that well in fact it hardly shows. I will try again later after I get a tutorial from one of my fellow members!!!

Yet another building!!!

The last 2 weeks I have been focusing on buildings to build up our environments, and set the scene for our film. This is yet another building I have created to place in the background. I have not made it to complicated as it is not a crucial part of our film; and have made it as low poly as I can to avoid complications.

Below is the process and screen shots of the final product.......

The legendary doors......

Heres a Barrel I made earlier.......!!!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Modelling: Another Building

OK so now that I have finished the saloon, I have moved on to my second building. Once again like before I have made all the attributes separately e.g. like the planks, just in case we might need to rip it apart for any reason. I like how it has turned out; but if I was to redo this model I would put more detail into the windows, maybe have some broken glass to give it a more olden day look, although I do think it looks quite themed anyway.

Below is my process....

Modelling: Town Building saloon

I have currently been working on buildings which can be put into the background of the environment. One of the most memorable buildings which come to mind when thinking of the wild west is a saloon. So I have decided that it only right that I should make one!!!

I started of with the pillars and then carried on to the body of the building

I made the windows, pillars and balcony attributes separate and then combined them together to make the saloon.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Western toilet/Shack

Below is my progress for modelling a western toilet, I am quite happy with how it has turned out. However it has taken me longer than I initially anticipated. This will be shown in the background to fill up the desert area, as we have 9 environments and we need different props to show the different areas of our film.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Marshall blendshapes vid

Blend Shapes Marshall

Today was blend shape day!!! Matt, Harvey and myself spent the day doing the blend shapes for all the secondary characters. I did the blend shapes for the Marshal whilst Harvey did the ones for the prisoners and Matt the sheriff. We all made suggestions to each other to better the blend shapes. Matt made some suggestions to try and get a nice cheeky smirk, which worked out really well.
Here are the blend shapes for the Marshall character at low poly. They are now ready to be smoothed and attached to the original model.